Perspective is not only acquired through one's own experiences, but also from observing the trials of others. Below are stories of the every day struggles and accomplishments of individuals with disabilities. If you would like to share your own perspective, please do, so others can learn from your experiences!

 Gain a New Perspective Through the Eyes of Others

“While going through in-patient rehabilitation, I saw all these other people with injuries worse than my own. People with traumatic brain injuries or on ventilators because they couldn’t breathe on their own. I kept thinking to myself, if they can go through all of this with smiles on their faces, then I have no room to complain about my injury.”
— Tyson, C4/C5 Quadriplegic
“Through years of hard work I am now able to walk with just ankle braces and a walker. My levels of spasticity and pain have diminished significantly. I want everyone to know that there are ways to move toward recovery other than the standard prescription bottle which mostly blankets symptoms rather than removes the cause of the problem.”
— Trevor A., T2 Paraplegic
“On January 24, 2004, I was cutting a tree down that spun and ended up hitting me in my back. 11 ribs, 1 shoulder, 1 hip, and my T-12 were broken. I also laid out in a snowstorm for 18 hours before someone found me. I ended up with two 10” rods supporting my T-12 that was shattered. After 4 weeks of PT/OT, I went home to heal, then another 3 weeks of PT/OT and haven’t looked back since. I went to college and graduated with an AAS and a 4.0 GPA, despite barely graduating H.S. I have not let my injury slow me down in any way. I still get out of my chair and work on cars (I just make sure I have all the tools before I get on the ground), cut and split all the firewood I use to heat our home, and do a lot of outdoor activities.”
— Steve B., T12 Paraplegic

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