Having loved ones nearby is vital to the recovery process. However, travel expenses can be a huge financial burden. New Perspective Foundation wants to help alleviate this problem. If you or a loved one are currently hospitalized due to a spinal cord injury, we will help pay for gas, airfare, or lodging in order to bring everyone together.

We currently assist individuals in Florida, Georgia, and Ohio. As we grow, we will add more programs to help people with various disabilities and medical issues, as well as expand to help people in other states.

Read about some of the individuals helped through our Closing the Distance program!

To God be the glory forever and ever! -Galatians 1:5

Jeff was injured in a car accident and hospitalized in Pennsylvania. His daughter, Shannon, was just hired at a new job after finishing graduate school in Florida, which made it very difficult and expensive for her to get up to visit him. New Perspective Foundation was able to reimburse her for her initial flight expenses, as well as pay for her to fly up to support him and help her mom with things while Jeff was undergoing therapy. Please watch the awesome video of Shannon surprising Jeff on her first visit after his injury. Read Shannon's testimonial here!

Austin was injured in a tragic accident while playing in the ocean during a vacation in Florida, after graduating from The Ohio State University. He had surgery and spent 2 1/2 weeks in the ICU, and was then transferred to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago to undergo rigorous inpatient therapy. New Perspective Foundation was able to help reimburse Austin's family for some of their travel expenses to Florida and Illinois. Read Austin's mom's testimonial here!

Joe was injured after being struck by a car while walking his dog in a crosswalk. He broke his C6-C7 vertebrae and is now confined to a wheelchair. Fortunately, he was transferred to Craig Hospital in Colorado, so he can undergo rigorous inpatient therapy. His sisters, Megan and Valari,  each wanted to drive out to visit him and help raise his spirits. New Perspective Foundation was able to reimburse them for the gas expenses they incurred during their trips. Read Megan's testimonial here!

Rebecca, a Florida resident, broke her C-5 vertebra after a tragic car accident leaving her a quadriplegic and bound to a wheelchair. She was transferred up to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA  to begin inpatient therapy and the road to recovery. Her mom, Joan, was able to be by her side but needed assistance with gas money in order for Rebecca's father to travel to be with her. New Perspective Foundation was able to give them a gas card to allow him to travel to be with Rebecca and Joan. Read Joan's testimonial here!

Ron is an athletic director in Florida and was injured after he fell at work. He is now paralyzed from the neck down and was sent to Atlanta, GA for his inpatient hospitalization. In order to be by his side, his wife, Susie, has been staying in a hotel for 5 months, which has been extremely costly. New Perspective Foundation was able to assist in paying for some of her hotel expenses in order to lighten some of their financial burden. Read Susie's testimonial here!

Keith is from Ohio but was injured while visiting his uncle in Atlanta, Georgia. After receiving the news, Keith's mom, Kathy, and some family members rented a van and drove down to be by his side. New Perspective Foundation was able to assist with hotel accommodations and reimbursement for some of the van rental cost. Read Kathryn's testimonial here!

Dylan was injured in a car accident and his family incurred a lot of expenses in gas money, due to driving back and forth to the hospital to be with him. New Perspective Foundation helped by providing gas cards to help alleviate some of their expense. Please read Dylan's mom's testimonial here!

Michael was injured after falling off a ladder while doing yard work. His doctors decided he needed to be transferred to a bigger hospital to get the care he needed. New Perspective Foundation was able to assist with gas cards and arranging lodging accommodations while Michael was hospitalized. Please read Michael's wife's testimonial here!

Michael was injured in a plane crash when the plane lost power shortly after he took off. Michael is now paralyzed from the waist down. His parents have been driving back and forth to the hospital, which is out of state, in order to be with him. The expense of gas has been extremely costly. New Perspective Foundation was able to assist them with gas cards in  order to alleviate part of the expense.